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Connah's Quay Nomads

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Nickname: 'The Nomads'


Connah's Quay Nomads FC Ltd
Deeside Stadium


Tel: n/a (Ground)
Tel: n/a (Social Club)

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Ground View

Deeside Stadium

The main stand being built at the Deeside Stadium in February 1998.
Nomads played their home games at Belle Vue while their stadium was being finished.

Memories are made of these

The old Halfway Ground prior to demolition in February 1998.
Scene of Rhyl's memorable Welsh-Cup semi-final aggregate win in 1993!


Programme Guide (1999/2000):

Price: £1.00
No. Pages: 36

Lily's opinion:

Connah's Quay have always had one of the best programmes in the league. The cover is generally a colourful well designed effort and the inside pages are usually printed clearly in an easy to read typeface.  Sometimes you can feel that there is an over-emphasis on stats and too-little on heavy reading, but on the whole a nicely packaged souvenir of the game and one which sits very nicely in the season's collection!!



Programme Cover


Lily's Jottings
Being a bit of an old romantic I sometimes feel a longing for the much-maligned slope of the Old Halfway ground when I watch a game at the Deeside Stadium. A smart modern stand they may have, but the ground lacks the character and atmosphere of their former home.

One of Lily's pet hates is watching a match from the other side of a running trick (her eyes are playing up these days) and being far away from the pitch does make the game feel a little too distant. You do feel a bit closer to the action on the side opposite the stand but be prepared to take a brolly with you in case it rains!

While the ground may have changed, the faces watching and the banter stays the same. You just wonder if the atmosphere of the Halfway will ever be re-created at their new home.

Sorry for sounding so miserable!


Lily's 'Match Experience' Rating = 6/10


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